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Development | Swim Pics
  • Swim Pictures is an award winning creative and physical production service company. 


    We specialize in original and innovative strategies for motion pictures, television and digital content.   


Stalking Death


Genre: Dark Comedy


Suicidal Reality TV Star Dennis Newborn is assigned the Grim Reaper as his guardian angel. Together, they learn to appreciate life. When Dennis decides to re-evaluate his being, the producers of the hit show "Don't Try this at Home" plan to kill their star for the Season Finale. Unfortunately for them, Death becomes Dennis's Manager.


Life's Short


Genre: Dramedy Ghost Story


A young couple interfere with their family in Canada in order to raise their son after they are killed on the freeway in Los Angeles. Some love can never die.


Raising Einstein


Genre: Family Comedy/Fantasy


A group of teens come together to save their community and the world from evil disaster. The only problem is that no one knows they exist because they are all clones made up from the DNA of famous geniuses and part of an elaborate Top Secret government experiment. Albert Einstein, Jimi Hendrix, Marie Curie, Queen Elizabeth I, Leonardo da Vinci, William Shakespeare and Bruce Lee all going through puberty and saving humanity in the 21st Century.


A Hand From Above


Genre: Event Movie


A Marine Biologist in Hawaii has just cracked the code of interspecies communications with Dolphins. She is pulled into a web of mystery surrounding an American eco-warrior known for disrupting fishing vessels in the Pacific and is accused of murdering a group of Japanese executives. As International pressure to apprehend and bring the Americans to justice becomes a global issue, the truth of what is happening is extraterrestrial.
Day of the Dolphin meets The Bourne Identity.


Stalag 666


Genre: Thriller, Horror


A former priest visiting Belgium witnesses an unusual accident. While comforting the elderly Germanic victim, he is given an old piece of cloth with a blood scrawl on it. He decides to find out what the old man was trying to relay to him and discovers evidence of an unlisted concentration camp that was run by a group of high ranking Nazis who were involved in Satanic rituals and experiments. With no one to report to other than Hitler himself, the delusional sadists running the Stalag are left to their own twisted devices. Results of the paranormal are first welcomed with excitement, then start to take a turn for the worse when the spirits of the tortured and sacrificed take revenge on their captors annihilating every guilty party running the camp with the exception of one lower ranking soldier who goes on the run and had never been found thus leaving the spirits trapped. In order to free the spirits our former priest must face his own demons and take the life of the last soldier.